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Is your television, radio and print campaign ready to go? Customers will see your product on television, read about it over breakfast and hear the latest on the way to work!

Why not give them an opportunity to trial, taste, play with or sample your product as a final step in transforming them into customers? Professional promotional services from Staffing means our staff can even greet them as they get off the train with a friendly face, branded uniform and a flyer to really ensure the message gets through.

Studies show that more than two-thirds of all customers say promotional marketing would be extremely or very influential in their overall opinion of brands and products. 70% say that participating in a live promotional marketing experience would increase their purchase consideration, and 57% say it would result in quicker purchase of that brand.

To maximise your marketing investment through promotional staffing, please call the team at Staffing on 1300 790 330 or submit a Find Staff Fast form.

Helping Qantas soar

Faced with the challenge of signing-up additional Frequent Flier partners Qantas turned to us. Staff quality made the difference. Reliable results oriented staff were required to communicate the program benefits. The program was extended repeatedly due to the fantastic outcomes.

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