Teaching - Primary Salaries
How much do Teaching - Primary earn in Sydney, Australia? The average salary of Teaching - Primary is $77,972 in Sydney, Australia
$77,972 /yr
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Average $77,972
Range $70K - $80K
Last updated October 09 2020
The average pay range for Teaching - Primary is between $70K and $80K. Salaries vary from a low of $50K up to $110K per year. The average number of Teaching - Primary roles advertised per month is 2 in Sydney, Australia between November 2019 and September 2020.
What are the most common skills required to be a Performing Arts Teacher? The most common skills required for a Performing Arts Teacher are:
Education Accountability Art ASPX Literacy Music Building Email Dance Monitoring Camps FICA Iron APAC CIPA Edge FACT Dance Education Marking Music Accountability Building Coaching Communicating Consulting Dance Education Email Jazz
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These skills are most commonly found in Performing Arts Teacher job advertisements and position descriptions.

Last updated September 30 2020
Which recruitment agencies have the largest number of Teaching - Primary roles in Australia?
See which recruitment agencies advertise the most Teaching - Primary roles. See what salaries they paid for Teaching - Primary in Australia. See how they compare to the average Teaching - Primary salary of $78,235.
Department of Education & Training Victoria
Melbourne (70%), Adelaide (14%), Geelong (8%), Albury (7%)



anzuk Education
Melbourne (82%), Sydney (15%), Geelong (3%)



Tradewind Australia Pty Ltd
Melbourne (100%)



Toowoomba Grammar School
Brisbane (100%)



Art Encounters
Melbourne (100%)



Last Updated October 16 2020
Where are Teaching - Primary in Sydney sourced from?
Teaching - Primary are sourced from
these companies
Ghana Education Service
Grammar School
Gymea North Public School
Hounslow Heath Junior School
Teaching - Primary are sourced in Sydney are most likely to be sourced from these schools
University of Sydney
Australian Catholic University
Curtin University
Dong-A University
Last updated October 19 2020
Where are most Performing Arts Teacher roles located in Australia?
Melbourne 12 / 57%
Adelaide 4 / 19%
Brisbane 2 / 10%
Sydney 2 / 10%
Geelong 1 / 5%
Last updated October 16 2020
Which locations in Australia pay the most for Performing Arts Teacher?
Brisbane ($105K)
Sydney ($105K)
Adelaide ($92K)
Melbourne ($80K)
Geelong ($75K)
Last updated October 10 2020